Trigger Point Release

Trigger Point Release is the release of muscle tension by inactivating the trigger points that are causing the taut bands which are responsible for the increased tension. (Travell & Simons)

Most people refer to a trigger point as a “knot” in a muscle or fascia, which may or may not refer to a different area of the body causing pain and discomfort.

Your massage therapist may work in an area different from the area of pain in order to create relief.  For example: In these images, the “X” is the trigger point and the red is the area of pain and discomfort.  The therapist would perform trigger point release on the “X” to relieve the area in red.  Trigger Point Release may cause some discomfort, but are always done within the client’s pain tolerance.

Diagram and definition courtesy of The Trigger Point Manual By Travell & Simons.

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