Mobile Massage Therapy

Mobile appointments focus on clients with disabilities and/or the elderly.  Treatments are performed on the client’s bed, recliner, wheelchair, or other comfortable location.  A massage table or massage chair are not provided for these appointments.

Some facilities that we have gone to are: Kiwanis Village, The Origin, Berwick on the Lake, Nanaimo Senior’s Village, and the Nanaimo Hospital- Rehabilitation unit.

Please Note:  The therapist is unable to work in any locations that have been used for smoking.

If the patient is unable to make legal decisions, the power of attorney will be required to sign the intake form prior to, or at the time of the treatment.  A doctor’s referral may also be required for client in a care facility.

It is ideal for the intake form can be filled out ahead of time by the client or a POA (Power of Attorney). The link for the intake form will be emailed to the email address provided at the time of booking.


Payments for these treatments may be made by Visa, MC, cash, or cheque.  The family may have a credit card on file that will be charged at the time of treatment.  A cheque may be left in a specific spot in the patient’s room, which can be received and replaced by a receipt.  Any of these payment options can also be made at the time of the treatment.


An appointment may be cancelled by the Therapist due to major traffic or weather problems.  The Therapist will contact the client before the appointment in this case.

A table or massage chair will still be available for an event or office massage.



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